Art for Tots|Dots + Circles Project Kit

Art for Tots|Dots + Circles Project Kit


Explore the world of DOTS + CIRCLES by creating two artworks. The first project teaches your tot technical ways to make a galaxy painting! They will brush, layer, stamp, and trace. The second project teaches your tot the idea of a circle by locating circles in objects and things that they already can name! They draw, mark, dance, fling, and connect. 

What’s in Your Kit

  • Detailed project instructions and setup tips

  • Safe, non-toxic art materials

  • Everything your tot needs to create at least two Dots + Circles paintings!

Materials List

  • Bamboo stamp

  • Bristol board (3 sheets)

  • Pencil

  • 3 bottles of paint in different colors

  • 1 foam brush

  • 2 paint trays

  • Metallic marker (you can provide your own with additional colors)

  • Play-Doh lid 

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