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Art for Tots

Every child can learn about art by encouraging tactile awareness, gaining a knowledge of artists and their names, identifying shapes and colors and choosing how to use them! Through Art for Tots projects, your child will feel confident in their ability as a creator and maker, which encourages confidence in all of life.

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Draw/Paint/Sculpt projects can be completed alone or with an adult. They are intended for beginning students who want to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Each project encourages students to explore through observation, to get jazzed about art history, and to layer their projects. Students are encouraged to start with simple art projects that get more complex. They'll learn the mechanics of how to draw, gaining practice and experience with hand-eye coordination as they create.

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Portfolio Prep

 A professional art studio delivered monthly, with original lessons intended for artists who want to improve their artistic skills as they prepare for art scholarships, college applications, and the professional life of an artist.

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