Draw/Paint/Sculpt: Cabinet of Curiosities

Draw/Paint/Sculpt: Cabinet of Curiosities

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Suggested for ages 6-13.

Odd, curious, and rarely seen objects collected and organized by someone. Young artists will draw, paint, sculpt, collect, observe, document, and invent new forms gathered from curious findings in the natural world. Supplies are eco-friendly, sustainable, and salvaged. Art projects build foundation skills in observational drawing and painting, explore natural dyes, and identify and find patterns in nature.

June Project Kit: Artists document and collect using a flower press to study botany and a wooden box to curate their found objects.
July Project Kit: Artists document what they see by observing light using photosensitive paper and practicing their observational sketching.
August Project Kit: Artists express natural forms by using natural dyes and building a site-specific artwork.

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