The Wonder Room

Art for Tots (suggested for ages 2-6) 

Summer is here and the world is a wonderful place to explore! Each month we provide a slightly different art project that engages your tot in the natural environment and activates their sense of adventure! Your tot will gather, collect, alter, paint, curate, and create!

Through guided lesson plans and sustainable salvaged art supplies, you can build wonder rooms in a box, in a house, and in nature.


Cabinet of Curiosities 

Draw/Paint/Sculpt (suggested for ages 6-13) 

Odd, curious, and rarely seen objects collected and organized by someone. Young artists will draw, paint, sculpt, collect, observe, document, and invent new forms gathered from curious findings in the natural world. Supplies are eco-friendly, sustainable, and salvaged. Art projects build foundation skills in observational drawing and painting, explore natural dyes, and identify and find patterns in nature. 


Scientific Illustration

Portfolio Prep (suggested for ages 13+)

Professional quality art lessons that will increase your observational drawing and painting skills. You will finish the summer with mature drawings and paintings of plants, bugs, and rocks. All of our lessons encourage young artists to respect the earth, live sustainably, and walk gently. Get ready to build your portfolio with artwork that shows evidence of your scientific knowledge and your illustration ability!