Hi! My name is Carrie.

I’m a painter, college professor, and arts educator. When my children started elementary school, I realized I wanted my kids to have the opportunity to learn more about art outside of school.

I began to teach drawing and painting classes in my garage-turned-painting-studio at home to my kids and a handful of their friends and classmates on Friday afternoons. Local college students enrolled in a Masters program also used the space to practice teaching art. Out of this tiny art studio, dozens of students were introduced to the fundamentals of art through drawing and painting. Before long, the size of our art classes outgrew our garage, so we drew a line to a space a few blocks away and opened Yellow Door Art Studios, named after the yellow door on our garage.

At Yellow Door, we quickly expanded to offering art classes on Fridays and Sundays, summer camps, and birthday parties. Kids loved coming to the Yellow Door so much that we soon needed an even larger space. We wanted to give others the opportunity to teach, so we drew a yellow line across the street to an even larger studio space. Here we were able to reach many more young artists, offering art camps to over 200 kids, and classes almost every day of the week. We also started working off-site with homeschool families, the public school system, and senior centers.

In 2018, we made the difficult decision to close Yellow Door Art Studios so we could focus on bringing art to even more people. With a mission of making art available to everyone, we began our next art adventure with The Yellow Line and can’t wait for you to join us.

Learn with us on The Yellow Line!